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For those that didn’t know and for those that knew but didn’t know the details, we are moving to CALIFORNIA!

We have had SOO many questions on the details of our move. Why we are moving, our decision making process, the legal side of things and so much more. So I thought it would just be easiest to do a blog post for all our friends and family with the answers to their questions. So here we go!

To answer everyone’s questions of WHY, I ask you this, WHY NOT? and yes there are a million reasons to that. We are settled here, we are building our family, we are comfortable, secure and are getting life figured out. We have an adorable little home that we love, and neighbours, friends and family close by that we are crazy about. We want to have a family adventure, we want a fresh start, we want to keep growing, learning, and have a better family balance and work/life balance.

We want some bigger experiences and to learn more about the world. We are a little sick of the long long winter’s here in Edmonton – who isn’t? And we want to have more sunshine in our life! Who can blame us?

We didn’t come to this decision lightly, we really did our research, punched numbers for weeks, traveled to our soon to be new home and said many many prayers before coming to this decision.

After having Nolan, I planned on going back to my full time office job. I really did, and I will if we need me to but this little boy thrives when he’s with his mom and dad. He absolutely LOVES when we are all together. If we are all home but in separate rooms he just whines until we all come together.

Justin and I started thinking about what life would be like with me going back to work. Justin working a 12 hour shift work schedule, me back working 9-5 and Nolan in full time daycare and it just made us both feel sick. That’s just not what we wanted. If that is the way it HAD to be then we would, but given the choice – we wanted me to be able to stay home with Nolan and any future kids we have.

We started looking into having me go back to school, or starting a side hustle that would provide a little more consistent pay-check than my photography business did.

Around the time that we were working through all of this, an old friend of ours shared the news that he and his wife were moving to California. He was a nurse (as is my husband) and had landed a fantastic position making more money than he did in Canada, we decided to start looking into that. Justin got in touch with the same agency that placed our friend and attended a conference in Los Angeles where he interviewed at over a dozen different hospitals. He received an offer from a hospital in Salinas California.

We did our research, felt really good about it but I still was NOT sold on moving. I told close friends and family that I was entertaining the idea, but was pretty sure we would not be moving to the US. It was too far from family, I love my little housed life here in Alberta and was not interested in disrupting my life. Justin on the other hand was pretty set on moving.

We both felt strongly that by visiting California we would be able to figure out what we wanted to do. So we did! We went on a site visit. It wen’t well but it wasn’t until the last day we were there that I finally felt at peace with moving there. I can’t describe it in words other than that. I woke up that morning and it was just like a brick wall. This is what we needed to do.

Once we had made the decision we had to figure out the process to make it happen.

Now with this, has come with a LOT of frustration. It’s hard. To gather the paperwork, to pay the fees, the trips to the Border, the constant conflicting sources of information, and the long wait times. The process we have taken has been one of the more straightforward ways to move to the United States and it’s not been easy. We were denied at the Border once and given one more chance to get it right. SO Stressful! But it all worked out!

We are downsizing (MAJORLY) and packing up our truck and a trailer and THAT’S IT! If it doesn’t fit in there it’s not coming. I’m going to share another blog post in the next couple weeks all about the tricks I’ve been learning on downsizing and going from a house to apartment!

I hope that answers everyone’s questions! If you have any others leave a comment and I will try to answer them all 🙂


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